Conflict Resolution

Are You Intimidated Or Overwhelmed By Conflict?

When conflict arises in your relationships, do you feel belittled, unheard or invisible? Perhaps your partner three people arguing at work in officehas a controlling personality, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to compromise when you argue. It may seem as though even the smallest things blow up into larger, painful fights. Or, maybe you don’t know how to address conflict at work, and may even worry that confronting your coworkers or clients could lead to punishment or termination. When you are faced with conflict at home or work, do your emotions boil over – causing you to tear up, lash out or withdraw? Do you wish you could just convey your feelings clearly and resolve battles within your relationships?

Struggling to handle conflict on a day-to-day basis can be emotionally taxing. You may feel regularly stressed or on edge, and it’s possible that you dread interacting with certain people in your life. During an argument, you may experience a flood of anger, frustration, sadness, tears or helplessness – all while struggling to effectively express how you think and feel. And when you do speak up, it may seem as though the other person doesn’t hear you, leaving you feeling unappreciated. Over time, these issues may continue to build, restricting you from enjoying a productive and meaningful life.

Every Relationship Encounters Conflict

woman cries as man looks angry in therapy officeEncountering turbulence in relationships is something everyone has to navigate. However, very few of us are ever taught how to successfully handle confrontation. Living in a fast-paced world, it’s often difficult to slow down our thoughts, consider our reactions and calmly approach a disagreement. In addition, modern technology has transformed the way we communicate with one another – often circumventing face-to-face communication. This rapid shift in how we connect with others can easily leave individuals perplexed when faced with conflict.

The good news is that conflict resolution therapy can provide you with effective strategies to manage your emotions, calmly approach situations and connect with the significant people in your life.

Conflict Resolution Therapy Can Help You Foster Healthy Connections

In conflict resolution therapy sessions, you and I will work collaboratively to develop and practice techniques to help you feel more confident and calm during difficult interpersonal interactions. As we work together, you will have the opportunity to explore your personal history, which may impact the way you think and feel now. You can also gain a deeper understanding of what you want in your relationships and how to actively work toward that goal.

Once we understand your background and your hopes for the future, we will employ strategies to help improve your communication habits and maintain assurance when you encounter clash. We may talk through potential interactions and practice new ways of listening and speaking your mind. When you’re able to repeat these interactions outside of the therapy room, we can determine which techniques were successful.

Conflict resolution therapy can also help mitigate the painful emotions tied to difficult scenarios. During our sessions, you can better understand and address your emotional triggers and shed unwanted automatic reactions. We can also work together to replace negative and worrisome thoughts with new perspectives. For more than 20 years, I have helped many individuals and couples move forward and foster healthy bonds in their relationships.

You may understand the benefit of conflict resolution therapy but still have some questions and concerns…

I have tried many ways to resolve conflict in my relationships, but nothing seems to work.   

It’s possible that you’ve sought out advice from your friends, books or the internet about conflict resolution in the past, and these attempts were unsuccessful. However, with the guidance of a professional who understands what you’re going through, you can change your behavioral patterns. Together, we will explore multiple solutions with approaches that are personalized to your needs and interests. If you ever feel like we are heading down the wrong path or you’re not finding relief, we will examine the problem from another angle.

Will therapy be worth my time and money?

Conflict resolution therapy can help you positively connect with co-workers, friends and loved ones. Unresolved conflict may be at the heart of the negative emotions you experience throughout your day, so when you’re able to alleviate that, the value of finding a pathway toward peace and confidence is immeasurable.

I worry about the stigma that surrounds therapy.

Your privacy is extremely important to me and sessions with me are 100 percent confidential. If you do choose to tell your loved ones about your decision to seek out therapy, chances are they’ll support your bravery and wisdom to get help when you need it.

You Can Resolve Painful Conflict in Your Important Relationships

If you’re ready to voice your opinion and create positive change in your relationships, I invite you to contact me to discuss your needs and setup an appointment.

If you are not able to meet in my La Quinta, CA office, I also offer phone therapy and virtual coaching sessions.